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I have taken tons of pictures of people this year but barely any of flowers. Features of images that I find inspiring. I am hoping to get out there soon and take more art for myself! Hope you are all well. I am moving slow thanks to a broken toe. Life has gotten very small for me since moving is not really something I need to be doing that much of. I am reading a lot and wishing Netflix would load things that are worth watching.

  Daisies by PassionAndTheCamera A warm day by CozyComfyCouch
Sunny Love I by John-Peter Under the sun by RavenMontoya
And I still wander.. by OliviaMichalski Soft Summer Dance. by OliviaMichalski
Purple dreams by huhahohi Caramel Cotton Candy by Wolfskuss
Mr. Dog by FreestylePaws tiny chameleon by lisans
Alentejo Fields by Hestefotograf sneak preview by bluePartout
Reach by WildWinyan Searching by WildWinyan
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For real I faved all of these just today. I am so behind on everything on-line!

Busy busy by FuryTigresse Her Time by kristinaalegro
Winnie the Pooh by HoneyBees987 Flying Kiwi by DolphyDolphiana
Puppy Love by KrisVlad Watching the sunset by rwetzel
Hornet by M-A-R-I-A-N Over the Gold and Hills by John-Peter
Streets of Spoleto by CitizenFresh Homemade bread by topolinodelburro
A Bundle of Love, and Reminiscence by Yesterdays-Paper Foxy Pillow by Alannah-Hawker
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Spring is here in Texas and the baby animals are every where. I guess I have animals on my mind so much I decided to feature artwork with them. Any artwork that can make us smile is something worth sharing. I hope you enjoy the images I picked. Have a great week!
  Olivia M

Red - Rosso by Saryetta86 Get Well! - Sketch by MJWilliam
Pearl. by KimGaul Peanut by Wolfskuss
Gentlecat by Daieny Little Lotus by MistanPhotography
New life :) by Katrin-Elizabeth Summer time by Marloeshi
Look at that, Pancake! by Daykiney You bore me. by zoldszorny
Puppy Love by WildWinyan Lola by WildWinyan
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I have not been that busy photography wise these past two month but I am trying to set up stills and take small trips to get other types of shots. Life has been slow here in my part of Texas. So much rain and flooding of the roads. The flowers were sadly all beaten away and the leaves are bare. The grass is all brown for the freezes that we got this year as well. So I am short on projects. But I am enjoying the rest because I already have many sessions lined up of kids and couples and a few dogs! I hope you are all well and doing what you love.

Hello! by Wolfskuss Tromper Wiek 2 by EmmmBeee
Morning by Trichardsen Frozen by rembo78
Five by isischneider Northern Lights above the Glacier Lagoon by LinsenSchuss
Lights everywhere by SherryArrele Lil Sprout by the-seacrit-admirer
Le prisonnier by Piscisvolantis Steamy Stag by thrumyeye
the legend by emptyredhead 28/52 Searching for New Worlds by VelvetRedBullet
pleasant anticipation by wiwionart *** by oprisco
The Lost World by MikkoLagerstedt Bucharest by Night by designgeneration
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Sorry I have not been around. My health has been playing around on me and getting over the loss of my dog has been hard. I wasn't sure what to feature but settled on black and white images. Sometimes black and white images are far more powerful than color. They are just more dramatic at times. Enjoy the features, I hope you are well.

Boats on Windermere by zingzangzu .:Path to the City:. by RHCheng
Maybe I'll Fly Away Some Day by Queen-Kitty Borderline Wasting Time by vonovid
park bench by Su58 214 by tolgatacmahal
city dust by oscarsnapshotter Seed by laura-makabresku
Eiffel Arch by lostknightkg Eiffel Arch II by lostknightkg Eiffel Arch III by lostknightkg
Ghost - Grayson Hoffman 11 by corvus-crux Power plant staircase by Lambda-lab
Her Sunday by WildWinyan Expecting by WildWinyan
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Sorry I have not been around this month has been busy, crazy and full of sadness for me. Nov 1st we noticed our dog Lucia was not being very perky. Nov 2nd was Jason's birthday. Nov 7th Jason's grandfather passed away. Nov 8th Jason and I lost Lucia to cancer. I have been pretty sick since Jason's birthday. On top of all this I am trying to stay on track with my NANO challenge and still shoot photograph and make time for my horse. It's been hard but I did hit over 17k words today on my story. Words cannot express how sad I am. I feel like a part of my heart is missing and yet I sometimes feel like she is still here. She was such a quiet dog, and so beautiful. People would tell us she looked like a fox. In fact its because we adopted her that I now love foxes and of course fox art. So in honor of Lucia I decided to feature some of my favorite fox artwork. I took all my pet pictures down so there are not many of Lucia, or Lulu as we sometimes called here on DA. Still I had a few I could put in this journal for you to see.

105. Gracefull by nik159
The Red, White and Blue - Red Fox in white wintery by thrumyeye Welcome to September by Angelina-LG
Red Canid by SethFitts Art of Nik - 008 - Mother Fox II by nik159
Fox by Ketunleipaa The Cunning Little Vixen by Skia
Angel Fox by Blue-Chara Hunting by ChristinaMandy
The fox by griffsnuff Jump Into Fall by Lhuin
The fox remembers... by Ka-Wo Waiting for You by AnotherRaven
Curious Petals by CIYL

Lucia hiding
Peek by WildWinyan

Lucia as a baby
One of the Box Dogs by WildWinyan

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Hello friends, sorry I have not done a journal but life has been busy. However I find myself stuck inside due to rain so I am busy updating my web sites and trying to be a good DA member again. Been a little busy working with clients, models and doing some collabs with a few artists I look up to. It's been a great thrill! I also have been asked to do two book covers for a Canadian writer so that is exciting! I have recently gone crazy comic book collecting so if my work starts to reflect that I am sorry!

Here are some wonderful pieces that I can get enough of. Really they all just make me want to create and stop the rain from coming. But alas I cannot so I just will sit at my desk and stare at my computer screen!
Olivia M

BLUE FOG by Badusev Basic Space by CanonAdventures
Mermaid by KatZaphire Flawless by OlgaBlair
Snow of the Sea by rieke-b The Best Show On Earth by kissfan85
Flowers and Shadows by MilenaKalias Stuck by Marloeshi
Mangrove Rhythm by Hengki24 Still by Healzo
Ghost - Grayson Hoffman 11 by corvus-crux Warm Thoughts by Queen-Kitty
the last door by wistar-photography art e f a c t by wistar-photography
Spirit by umantsiva Romantic Pink by gestiefeltekatze
Icebound by KristinaGehrmann Echoes of winter by Aeternum-designs
Plum Dusk by EtherealSceneries Tree of Life by John-Peter
Jewelry by MilenaKalias Firefly Summer - Sketch by MJWilliam
Friends from Magic Hill III by FrodoK Angel Fox by Blue-Chara

I Want to Believe by manticor Unforgotten by manticor Constitution fan by Ramen27 America Beating Heart Stamp by l8

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Been liking a lot of badass art lately and I have been loving it so much I decided to make a feature and that is saying something. I have been ill for two and half weeks, then there was my birthday, then I had an out of town, outdoor, wedding. So time is not something I have a lot of. But today I decided to just make the time to share some pretty awesome pieces. I hope you enjoy them and you are all well!

  Olivia M :tea:
So Below by ChadRouthier Kate I by lina-constantine
Will Not Be Save by scheinbar T h r e e by dekorAdum
Poppy shelter by lina-constantine Please, don't go... by firepaved
Rainy Mood by Lora-Vysotskaya Theater Shadows:Dance one person by sergekrivoshei
Rainy by indojo . E t h e r e a l . by KuchikixRukia
Mirage. Blossoming Moon. Phase III by yanadhyana Can I Taste Your Heart? by Fa6em
Luna by MikuLeRoux Make a wish upon a star by dinabelenko
Two  Temple Place IV by lostknightkg The Road Ahead by Miguel-Santos
city dust by oscarsnapshotter Wedding by Junior-rk
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Features this week are of shots that give me a sense of a fresh start or perhaps a clean heart. Lately the world seems to not know how to be pure and kind. It's funny when people that claim to be such wonderful people because they stand for one thing suddenly say truly ugly things and say others deserve to die for not thinking like them. Lately though I feel like an observer to recent news because my hometown of Brenham Texas took on 16.6 inches of rain just 4 days ago. As you can imagine the effects were devastating. Four people lost their lives and so many friends had water damage or cars ruined. So many pets are missing. Now that the water is shifting down stream the water here is causing mass damage to other cities. Places that have never flooded before. Just yesterday a young boy, 16 years old, was helping clean up his church grounds when a huge tree limb broke and landed on him. He passed away.

People are fighting just to maintain their lives so I cannot get wrapped up in silly debates and fights over things that mean nothing. As I watch people hurl insults and argue I cannot help but wonder if people these days just have too much time on their hands. While here we are tearing up flooring, throwing away furniture and cleaning up all the broken trees the rest of the world seems so ridiculous. Sadly they are saying we are going to get more rain from Weds-Sat. If that happens so many people will suffer even more. Friends if you have the time, remember us in your prayers and all the towns near by that are taking water at historic records. So please pray for us and our safety.

  Hope by MateuszPisarski Pixies by vellasky
A Fennec night by CookiesOChocola My child... - Mute swan (Cygnus olor) by PhotoDragonBird
Circles. by Phototubby Story of a bird woman by TanjaMoss
Coffee Spectrum by Kyndelfire Drop On Dandelion Seed by isischneider
Autumn Glow by existentialdefiance Just Like Then by marcinwuu
La belle by MateuszPisarski Happy Easter! by thrumyeye
Sun through a Windows of the Dome in Bamberg by advdiaboli Fairy's Dust by John-Peter
Fly, Fly Away by Tars1s
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I am sure by now it's a well known fact I LOVE animals! I work in rescue and I foster dogs when I have the time. My greatest joy is just to watch them as quietly as I can and see them do their own thing. If I get a picture of that, then great. If not, I am just happy I got to watch them in the first place. As much as I love animals I have never wanted to own anything exotic or rare. For sometime I was a bird owner and while the bird needed a home because she was tropical and no one else wanted her, I always felt sad that she was in a cage all the time. I think I will just stick with dogs, cats and horses. Maybe a donkey or two if we ever move onto land. For me its just so relaxing to watch an animal where they are most at home, at peace and happy. 

  Bengal Eagle Owl by CharlyJade Cara by Wolfskuss
Sad Eyed Fox of the Lowlands by thrumyeye Snowy Owl - Ostrava ZOO by Zavorka
Eurasian eagle-owl (Bubo bubo) by fotomanisch Caligo memnon by paschlewwer
No pictures please by Akxiv Froschkoenig by Sophie-Wieland
puppy face by LucieJirankova Puffin by chriskaula
:thumb336024424: .: V e s p i d a e : by Nariscuss
Turtle Dove by BogdanBoev Piggy sized camera! by Marloeshi
I Don't Know What's Going On! by sheiruki A Handful of Flowers by JulianRad
Tyrannosaurus Jane by amorousdino Look Up by daniellepowell82
Giraffes by Kajenna Lurking Alligator by Yakibop
nature love by lisans An African Elephant Underwater by Vitaly-Sokol
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I wish I could say my features of reflections are because of some deep reason like I am reflecting on my life or something but that would be a lot of crap. I just wanted to feature them because I love these kinds of shots. It's like you get double the beauty of nature in a single shot. I hope you all are well. My results for my MRI came back clear, but I figured they would. Dr. was not able to figure out my pain and fatigue. I also have started to over heat again even when its not that hot outside. So that bites but. I am still working hard and have bookings to look forward too. We are totally in love with our foster dog and wish we could keep her! It's going to be a rough day when we left her go. :(

Olivia M

Yachts by arvela My soul through the heavens sailed by dashakern
armageddon by arbebuk Slumber in Senja by Trichardsen
Water by xXEliskaXx Emerging by dashakern
Skyfire by McKenzie-James the open sky by foureyess
Valentine Bridge by AnnMarieBone Reflections of a Red Fox by JulianRad
s k y f i r e  15682 by pesterle Invigoration by ChadRouthier
Waterdrops-033 by mib4art Searching for the Horizon by MikkoLagerstedt
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:wave: hi guys. Still pretty busy with my photography business and riding my horse. Also some health stuff again. I have an MRI in two weeks but I think the Dr. is just at a loss as to what makes me feel poorly. But oh well it can't hurt but I know it can be boring as heck. 45 mins in a tube so they can look at your brain! While life is moving fast I try hard and take moments for myself and time with God. Balance in life has never been my strong suit. In my stress I have found myself drawn to very bold colors and or course flowers. I can hardly wait to take flower pictures for myself soon! I have done a model session on Indian paint brushes but I have yet to post them to DA. They are on my Facebook page.

So flowers and bold colors are my features this time around. I hope you enjoy them!
64: Black Hills Bonsai by FramedByNature *** by annieparfi
The Light by Antrisolja Waiting for Summer by FlabnBone
Soren by Animal75Artist A Handful of Flowers by JulianRad
Skyfire by McKenzie-James Stillness by John-Peter
PURPLE DREAM by LewiARTs The Butterfly Kingdom by Zelma1
GIRASOL by LEVIATAN-666 This Time by WildWinyan
Diamonds by SBerthePhotography The sign by chevyhax
Lesser Masked Weaver 1 by Okavanga Sun in the Heart by John-Peter
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Hola friends, we have started another month! Crazy!!! I have been trying very hard to keep busy. The flowers are growing in Texas and that means either I will be very busy or I will have nothing to do because everyone is ill from allergies and doesn't want a photo outside! Even though that is happening I am blessed enough to have added another model to my stock. I have been challenging myself and them to get new works. My new model Faby and I worked together just yesterday and I was very happy with what we did. Honestly I just went and shot on the fly because the shoot was more of a try out then anything. I had no plans and still we got some shots I am so excited about. We also worked well together. If you find yourself with nothing to shoot I encourage you all to find someone to model for you and just shoot like crazy, try new stuff and try to grow. There are so many ways to show how people are inside with your camera!

Features of shots of people that I love. I was most sad to see many of these images had no comments and some very little favs. So please take the time to look at them all and leave a message!
:tea: Olivia M

:thumb591554446: Blossom VI by Ashai-Autodefe
Window by gama1138 Working Silhouette by hpmarocsvp
Young poet by LinkyQ ANDREA by zardin-secret
60s time by CaroNhu Seelenlandschaft #14 by yeouyeou
I know you are but what am I?! by Khomenko:thumb592476261:
Metro 56 by Hengki24 snowing by thefirebomb
Shorty II by ValeriyaSegal red ribbons 2104 by KiwisaftDEsign
Forest fairy by branislavboda Memories by endegor
Katrine by emuciss Bird by MariannaInsomnia
g u i t a r m a n by Val-Faustino 7507 by compressedbokeh
Autumn calls by bwaworga Emerald flame by Dean-Irvine
The Dreamer by WildWinyan Expecting by WildWinyan
Private thoughts by WildWinyan Been there, done that by WildWinyan
I don't give a damn by WildWinyan Nurse Love by WildWinyan
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:wave: Hello dear friends I hope this journal finds you well. My features this week are images that on the first glance might seem a bit lonely. As people we are social creatures, we long to talk to other people and we have the joy of friendship and love. But as people in a busy world we also desire time alone. We need me time to catch our breath and get centered again. I think with so much social media, phones and constant connection people walk around thinking they are stressed. They NEED to do more. It's not enough to get your shopping done. Talk on the phone as you shop and kill two birds with one stone. It's not enough your phone call a friend, use it to pay for coffee, keep your planner in and basically all your info. Never be without out it! As we buy into this we forget that its ok to be alone. That it is wonderful to be happy with just ourselves and relax. Read, listen to music, UNPLUG!

You will find that some people around you are addicted to always being in touch! But you need your space. So my features are intended for you to look at, one by one and just breathe. Look at each one a let it speak to you. But I think you will find that these images are not loud talkers, they tend to whisper. So turn off your background noise too. ;)

  Olivia M

WORLD OF LONELINESS - 10 by EmmanuelVASSAL death come quickly by cloe-patra
To be continued ...  by OlivierAccart DATURA by LEVIATAN-666
25: Simply Crystal by FramedByNature Good old days by Marloeshi
:thumb582296068: Remus 2 by x-xSpitFirex-x
A beautiful killer by MonsterBrand 2/52 - When the cold's crawling in by IndigoSummerr
drawings light by Vikarus Vegetable symphony II by ChristineAmat
:thumb537910721: Going home by SarahharaS1
Alone by WildWinyan Against all the Odds by WildWinyan
Magnolia 'Galaxy' by sara-satellite Locked Up by myraincheck
Alone by WildWinyan Cheyenne's flower by WildWinyan
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:wave: Happy Friday friends, I hope you all are well. I am far too tired to think of a theme this week so I just decided to showcase what I have liked lately. Life is good, health is not that great but I am bursting with happiness because I went on my first trail ride with my horse! And we are going again tomorrow. (I think) Been busy taking pictures but sadly not for clients but of models but as long as I am taking pictures I am happy. I hope you all are well!
Olivia M :heart:

A Fox by digit-Ds Padua Canal by FredaSurgenor
Erkanmatik 2016 02 by ErkanKalenderli Conflux by EtherealSceneries
Grappa, Mogyi and Windy by Wordup Jenni by zardin-secret
On the Wings of the Night by zarielcharoitite Picturesque Romania by AlecsPS
Into another life by eperlekvar The Roots... by TheLittleMaja
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I have a confession to make. it's kind of big for someone my age but I just have to tell all! I Olivia M collect toys! Yes I do! I admit to owning toys that have never been opened and toys that I found at yard sales that I felt compelled to rescue. I have even treated myself to expensive Lego sets. The last toy I got was just this past Christmas and it was of Harley Quinn. She is still safely in her package next to a Polly Pocket version of the Emerald City and Superman. I also enjoy clever pictures people take of toys, mostly stuffed animals and Legos. It's rare that I fav an action figure shot. So I decided to share my guilty pleasure with you all in this feature. I cannot express how much fun I had gathering these favs. 
    In other news I hope to go on my first trail ride with my horse Cheyenne. I have a photo shoot with one of my models this weekend and I am gaining another model that I will be working with for the first time in March. She is a lovely woman I met through a friend and her name is Faby. My husband got a motorcycle and finished his safety courses. He is wearing all protective gear, boot, pants, jacket, gloves and helmet so I think he will be ok. But I will be praying hard for him when he rides. I trust him but not other drives or people on there cell phones as they drive! I hope you all are well and warm!!

dear Valentine by AlicjaRodzik:thumb153949274:
:thumb153949274: 1 8 0 by ennabird
Froggy Afternoon by ilovestrawberries:thumb112960608:
Sign of Life by alakPaKid Clone Trooper Sighting by bubblet0es
My whole world by Wheels-Of-Joy Around the world by Hija--Turner
Math homework... by SWAT-Strachan Darth Vader by GrievousXXX
Hansel + Judith 2 by Zipora-Meier Among The Leaves by WingChant
A night on the town by SarahharaS1 George in bed by SarahharaS1
Calling Dick Tracy! by Batced Tour d'France by mib4art
3rd Rock from the Sun by WildWinyan A Wizard is Never Late by WildWinyan
Millennium Falcon by WildWinyan Death Star by WildWinyan
Pay Back by WildWinyan
Childhood Wish by WildWinyan

:heart: Love
  Olivia M :tea:
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I hope you all are well. I have been fighting off something, the flu maybe since New Year's Eve. I had two sessions I had to do in the cold that did not help much. A lot is happening but honestly I am too tired to type about it. I am happy and busy but also very tired. I have two sessions down and one more this month and then I can rest! Enjoy the features.

Love :heart:
Olivia M :tea:
Sweet by luisbc Arnhem CS | 2 by Rob1962
Sweet small natural pretty thing by SBerthePhotography Celebratory by Theanimalparade
Luminescent Pumpkin Patch by AACPhoto Dropped by an Angel by barananduen
Urban ratio by lostknightkg Secure by Ragnar949
swirl by Honestheart26 September sun by lisans
deja vu by Shellbel Marienstein At Night by MarcoHeisler
ooOooOOooo by marrgit - by nairafee
Pemuteran Mangrove by AndyMumford Adventure Awaits! by MichelleChiu
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Without warmth we would freeze and die! Without warmth we would be mindless robots with no emotion. And without warmth our art would be soulless. Today in Texas the temperature is currently 49 degrees. Now I know to most people that is not to bad but to this Texas gal I am cold! So To warm myself up I decide to feature artwork that featured the very essence of being warm. Lighting in these images and used cleverly, or else edited to look so. I hope you are all well. I am on the ropes but about to come back from an unfortunate bought of bad health that hit me just two days before Thanksgiving. I sadly missed out seeing my family and a few friends. But I honestly was so ill I didn't notice and slept the day away by watching a Ken Burns documentary on The Roosevelt's. (It's currently on Netflix. And narrated by the wonderful and super talented Peter Coyote.)

I am proud to say I hit my 50,000 words mark for the NANO writing I was doing this year. The book I decided to go with is awesome, I am so proud of it. And to think I would have never done it if not for the NANO challenge. I plan to edit it and try and get it published. (One day!)

I am so excited for the holidays, I hope you all have plans to be with people you love!
:tea: Cheers!
Olivia M

Autumn calls by bwaworga Believe by MarcoHeisler
:thumb574388495: Catching Light by MarcoHeisler
Autumn time 4 by floflo Autumn's Embrace by Oer-Wout
San Antonio Palopo by SantiBilly Fire and Ice by michaelanderson
It's Magic by Weissglut Here by JaimeIbarra
...Wroclaw4... by canismaioris ... by BaxiaArt
Waltzing Wood by NoahSud Leaning Tower of Pisa in the golden light by LinsenSchuss
The Kid with the Guitar by SebKaiser Club26, Sisters by Vint26
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I meant to make a Halloween journal but life has been going rather faster than I would like. I will spare you all the details but let's just say today I plan to nap ALL DAY! My health is still a mess but I am adjusting to it and learning to work around it in ways I didn't think were possible. However a new side affect has presented itself that I cannot handle, I am cold all the time, to my bones. Its crazy! But that is why I decided on this feature. My cold chills have made me extremely happy about the pets I have in the house. My cats both help me stay warm and my Corgi Mix, Bacon is a huge snuggle bug. As I did this feature I noticed I have not posted images of any of our new pets we have gotten in the last year. I am too picky about how pictures of my pets look I guess. Taking pictures of the horse is hard on me because I have to lug the camera out to her pasture and never feel up to that. I am booked up for the month of Nov. so please forgive me for spotting posting and likes with no comments. I am not used to being this busy and with my low energy its a challenge. Enjoy the features and if you have pets of any kind, enjoy them too!!

- Wonderland - by AppyNinja In the basket by Thunderi
autumn evening by Lasiu7 Krabat I by BlackPepperPhotos
Commission portrait - Bella by Kongala2 Toffee by Pfeffernase
Hello World! by alicjaphoto - Lighthouse - by AppyNinja
Hungry Pup by donchild Hazel - Sunrise I by BlackPepperPhotos
I go to sleep by Huskana Deo by KiwiTakeFlight
:thumb496873336: . by Nightmare-v
Take your time... by Spiegelmomente Lena and Mira by FerBarchetta
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I had a heck of time with this feature. I plan on taking part in Nano writing challenge this year and my book will be about WW II. I guess since my mind has been living in the past my taste in artwork has been altered some. Health is still up and down but I am staying as busy as I can and for the first time in ages I went out with the camera for personal use. I spent 2 and half hours in the pasture with my horse and husband and just had fun! The weather is cool so it was easy to last longer than normal. I took tons of butterfly shots and of course pictures of Cheyenne. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the features!

Calmness by Bajgraf Potpourri in Cut Glass by BarryGreenland
Moulin Rouge by SweetPeaPhototc Delicious Afternoon by Silvermoonswan
Im not crazy its just my mind... by DevilishChaos Ma Cherie by LifeLustingDreamer
Oh the secrets they would tell by Lorelei-Photographie A Suitcase of Happiness by whocaresme
Stubbs by JeremyBrotherton GUYS, I CHANGED ACCOUNT! by RenRoyal
[17/30] - Once Upon A Time... by Sarah-BK Nymph by RiperJack
Cherry blossom by StassySummer Antigone by LenoreScarecrow
Black and White 1 by AidaMercer About the mask by NRichey
:thumb499220168: February by antiquecameo
my heart can be your shelter by fotomademoiselle May Queen I by delusive-dreams
MaSqUeRaDe gIrL by Fajralam Cocacola - Life is good by RitaKim
Her Sunday by WildWinyan black by CG-sister
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